We offer consulting services in the field of business ethics, compliance, organisation culture and leadership. Codupo was founded in 2010, and together with the expert team and external associates we offer education, innovative advice and concrete solutions for your specific needs.

We enable companies to:

  • get advice and help concerning business ethics and compliance issues
  • ensure trainings and education for understanding and dealing with ethical dilemmas
  • establish integrative organisation culture
  • identify internal capacity and achieve their optimal realization


Our mission is to encourage high standards of corporate behaviour, promotion of ethics and business excellence to enable companies to build and foster integrative organisation culture in their business.


To be reliable partner guided by ethical values which ensures added value to our clients and establishes long term relationships based on trust.

Our values

Our values represent the very core of our business. They determine our culture and make all the difference in what we do and how we do it.

Integrity: we adhere to the highest ethical standards in business

Respect: we respect our colleagues and clients while helping them realise their goals

Innovativeness: we use tailor-made creative solutions that suit your needs

Excellence: we try to be the best in everything we do

Code of conduct

To achieve our mission and vision, Codupo takes care of its reputation and delivers services in line with the expectations of our clients and market. Starting from our fundamental values - integrity, respect, innovativeness and excellence - business code of ethics of the Croatian Chamber of Economy also serves as our guide in business.

Kodeks poslovne etike Silvija Vig


Silvija Vig

Lecturer, author and adviser in the field of business ethics and compliance. She has spent a major part of her 20 year long work experience as a manager on various positions in the country and abroad. She currently works as a university lecturer in the area of humanities, field of economy. She teaches two courses from the area of management, including the course "Ethical management" " at the Polytechnic of Međimurje, Čakovec and two courses from the area of business economy at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. She has been a long time guest lecturer at the Faculty for Economy in Zagreb and an expert at EACEA – Media programme of support measures in Brussels, certified NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner Coach and Executive Coach.
Currently, she is a Ph.D. candidate with dissertation topic "The impact of business ethics on success of company business operations" at the Faculty of Economy in Zagreb, where she has completed her undergraduate and graduate studies and obtained the title of Master of Science in Economy. For the past six years, her primary area of interest comprises business ethics, compliance, establishing integrative organisational culture and integrative leadership which she has studied in the USA; she is the author of many research papers from the mentioned areas, a member of the EBEN (European Business Ethics Network), member of NLPEA – NLP Association of Excellence, and as of January 2015 she holds the prestigious certificate LPEC – Leading Professional in Ethics and Compliance, awarded by the American Association for Ethics and Compliance.


Vig, S. (2015) Monitoring and Reporting in Ethics and Compliance Management: Using ICT, 3rd International OFEL Conference on Governance, Management and Entrepreneurship, Dubrovnik, Croatia, April 2015 (

Vig, S. (2014) Efficiency of Ethical Organisational Culture in Public Sector in Croatia, 8th International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development and 4th Eastern European ESD Conference: Building Resilient Economy, Zagreb, Croatia, December 2014 (

Vig, S. (2014) Influence of Culturological Environment and Leader’s Personality in Moral Judgement Economic and Social Development, 7th International Scientific Conference, New York City, October 2014 (

Vig, S. (2014) Developing Ethical Organisation: Values, Implementation and Governance, 6th International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development and 3rd Eastern European ESD Conference: Business Continuity, Vienna, April 2014 (

Rudolf Vig

Rudolf Vig

Senior Consultant in the field of communication skills and personal development. He spent the most of his long entrepreneurship work experience in the area of consulting, coaching and education. After enrolling in the Pedagogical Academy, his field of interest was directed towards entrepreneurship and is currently completing a study of the Economics of Entrepreneurship at the College of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Management in Zagreb. He is a certified NLP Trainer, member of the NLPEA – NLP Association of Excellence, certified NLP Master Practitioner Coach and Executive Coach, member of the ICF – International Coach Federation, HR Manager, member of the professional association of human resource employees – HR Centar, licensee of the model Four Rooms of Change© (Organisation barometer©, Personal dialectic © for the increase of mutual understanding and respect of differences in a team). During his career, he was a guest lecturer at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb, Department for Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology. His field of interest is consulting, coaching and education within the area of personal growth for which he has trained in the USA, human resources, organisational change management and business ethics and compliance for which he has trained in the USA. He is Croatian and Hungarian native speaker and he also speaks Russian and English.


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Let’s put the blocks together

Every company’s business is a number of various situations resulting in certain decisions. To make good and wise decisions things need to come together. In business, as in life, we are satisfied once everything in place. Or when all the blocks are perfectly put together. Managing business processes is precisely that – a number of blocks that need to be managed and put into the right place. Let’s put the blocks together!
…and finally everything is as it should be.

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