About Us

Centar ODličnosti U POslovanju (Centre of Excellence in Business) - CODUPO was founded in 2010 when we saw the need for business consulting services in the field of implementing compliance and integrity programmes, developing integrative organisational culture, management and leadership. Today, CODUPO is a reliable partner that ensures added value to its clients and establishes long-term relationships based on trust.

Let's put the blocks together

Every company's business is a number of various situations resulting in certain decisions. To make good and wise decisions things need to come together. In business, as in life, we are satisfied once everything in place. Or when all the blocks are perfectly put together.
Managing business processes is precisely that – a number of blocks that need to be managed and put into the right place. Let's put the blocks together!

Codupo Kockice

Our mission

Encourage business excellence and high standards of corporate behaviour.

Our vision

To be a reliable partner who contributes to the realization of your goals.

OUR VALUES determine our culture and make all the difference in what we do and how we do it.

  • Integrity
    We adhere to the highest standards in business.
  • Respect
    We respect our colleagues and clients while helping them realise their goals.
  • Innovativeness
    We use tailor-made creative solutions that suit your needs.
  • Excellence
    We try to be the best in everything we do.

Our team

Silvija Vig

Silvija Vig, PhD, Founder and CEO


Silvija's professional career is focused on building integrative organisational cultures, integrative leadership, implementation of compliance and ethics programmes and business ethics. She has more than twenty years of work experience in managerial positions, in Croatia and abroad.

Silvija successfully completed her doctoral study at the Faculty of Economy, Zagreb with the thesis “The Impact of Business Ethics on Business Performance”. The result of this extensive research is the model of excellence – VIG Model™.

Since 2015, Silvija holds prestigious LPEC - Leading Professional in Ethics and Compliance certificate awarded by the Ethics & Compliance Initiative.
Since 2018 she has been a member of the Commission for Corporate Social Responsibility and Combating Corruption, International Chamber of Commerce – ICC Croatia.
She has been a long time visiting lecturer at the Faculty of Economy in Zagreb, and lecturer as well as module coordinator in the field of management at other higher education institutions in Croatia. She is the author of many scientific papers from the field of organisational culture and leadership, business ethics and compliance; certified NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner Coach and Executive Coach, member of NLPEA – NLP Association of Excellence and member of ICF – International Coach Federation.

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