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Internal Investigations Workshop

Why should you attend this program?

Our intensive program is designed to provide attendees with a thorough grounding in investigations – and to give them the knowledge of how to conduct an investigation that protects the organization, assists management decision-making, and increases ROI for their function.

Integrity in Business: Ethics and Decision Making

Why should you attend this program?

According to the ‘Integrity in the spotlight – the future of compliance’ survey, which was conducted in 2018 by E&Y, 97% of respondents recognize the importance of demonstrating that their organization operates with integrity.

Five reasons why people follow bad leaders?

Autor: Silvija Vig

“Followers who knowingly, deliberately commit themselves to bad leaders are themselves bad.” – Barbara Kellerman

  1. Values

First of all, it should be noted that those who follow bad leaders do not think of them as bad leaders.

If it’s legal, is it also ethical? Does compliance also mean ethical entrepreneurship?

Author: Silvija Vig

Laws are standards used to evaluate human behavior, but they are a product of politics, i.e. of the ruling majority in a country, and although they are legitimate, they may not necessarily be just and fair towards everybody.

Book Business Ethics – a business beacon for managers, but also a must read for directors of state-owned companies

“A book that just says a little bit about the law, and it’s intended for lawyers and compliance managers…… that speaks little about psychology and is intended for HR experts, coaches and mentors…… that speaks little about economics and is intended for managers at all levels!