Why should you attend this program?

According to the ‘Integrity in the spotlight – the future of compliance’ survey, which was conducted in 2018 by E&Y, 97% of respondents recognize the importance of demonstrating that their organization operates with integrity. Why is integrity so important and why would almost all of the respondents want their organization to operate with integrity? This program is giving the answers on these questions.

Program objective

Integrity represents the quality of personal honesty and strong moral principles. However, in real life, understanding integrity is not so simple and depends primarily on the moral awareness of individuals and therefore varies from person to person. In order to find out what motivates individuals and how they make decisions, it is first necessary to raise awareness of their own moral principles, values and level of moral awareness. Only by making them aware are we able to change them, express what we truly are and recognize them in others. Through the application of behavioral ethics, the workshop explains: How do people make ethical decisions? How do they know if a decision is ethical? Why do people make unethical decisions despite knowing that they are unethical? We encounter such and similar issues on a daily basis in our private and business environment. The goal is to help attendees understand their own level of integrity, discover their own as well as the moral awareness of others, think critically, react and make ethical decisions.

Who should attend?

Managers on all levels, especially Compliance Managers, Ethics & Compliance Managers, Risk Managers, Internal and External Auditors, Individuals in Charge of Reporting Irregularities, Ethics Officers, HR Managers, Legal Managers or Counsel, Ethics or Cultural Ambassadors, Internal and External Mentors and Coaches and to anyone interested in business integrity and how to make ethical decisions.

Why is the program specifically recommended for compliance managers?

The program explains the skills that are essential for successfully carrying out the function of compliance. Today, in the age of digitalization, although compliance functions are increasingly dependent on technology and software solutions, compliance professionals remain primarily focused on human behavior, and technological capabilities can only serve as an auxiliary tool in their daily work. This is why integrity and critical thinking are key skills without which the function of compliance cannot even be imagined. Today, a compliance expert is expected to be a person of integrity, a great communicator, a good listener, an influencer, a coach, and have the ability to critically look at situations and make decisions. How to achieve this is revealed by this intense two-day workshop.

How will you benefit?

After participating in this program, you will be able to:

  • Fully understand the importance of integrity and critical thinking
  • Improve your ethical decision making and communication with your team and employees
  • Raise awareness of your own level of integrity and recognize the integrity levels of your co-workers
  • Communicate organizational values and understand how to build a speak-up culture
  • Motivate and inspire employees to do the right thing
  • Use effective techniques to embed values in business strategy

What will you learn and practice?

Essential skills for compliance professionals – Compliance with an impact! is a 2-day intensive training program. The program will be led by an experienced facilitator in behavioral and business ethics with former management experience.

Program Outline:

It is available after registration.

The course content will include the following assessments: 

  • Pre-work online self-assessment 
  • 2 self-assessments

Action Plan

  • Develop a personal action plan – taking what you’ve learned and applying it in the workplace

More about the speaker

Silvija Vig, PhD

Silvija’s professional career is focused on behavioral ethics and business ethics, building organizational cultures and authentic leadership, implementation of compliance and ethics programmes.

She has more than twenty years of work experience in managerial positions, in Croatia and abroad. Silvija successfully completed her doctoral study at the Faculty of Economy, Zagreb with the thesis “The Impact of Business Ethics on Business Performance”. The result of this extensive research is the model of excellence – VIG Model™. Since 2015, Silvija holds prestigious LPEC – Leading Professional in Ethics and Compliance certificate awarded by the Ethics & Compliance Initiative.

Since 2018 she has been a member of the Commission for Corporate Social Responsibility and Combating Corruption, International Chamber of Commerce – ICC Croatia. She has been a long time visiting lecturer at the Faculty of Economy in Zagreb, and lecturer as well as module coordinator in the field of management at other higher education institutions in Croatia. She is the author of many scientific papers from the field of organisational culture and leadership, business ethics and compliance; certified NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner Coach and Executive Coach, member of NLPEA – NLP Association of Excellence and International Coach Federation – ICF.

She is an experienced speaker in the fields of compliance and ethics, behavioral and business ethics. She is the author of the book “Business Ethics – How to Develop Authentic Leadership and Build a Culture of Happy and Engaged Employees with Ethics and Compliance Programs?” – the first book that describes in detail the implementation of the Ethics and Compliance Program in the Croatian language.