Values, culture & leadership


Culture affects innovativeness, flexibility, integrity and success. The goal of every company is to create strong organisational culture of happy and engagement employees.

Codupo can help you build strong organisational culture whose goal is the implementation of compliance and ethics programmes and has multiple roles in the process of creating innovative, flexible, profitable and sustainable culture that makes employees feel safe, dignified and accepted.

VIG Model™

VIG Model™ is an acronym consisting of three elements required for the construction and functioning of organizational integrative organizational culture: Values, Implementation and Governance. It serves as the basis for successful business operations of a company in modern, highly regulated business environment. This trademarked model represents a new approach to organizational culture through the help of managers and leaders in building long-term sustainable business. The model is a result of a long time theoretical and empirical research of organisational cultures, leadership, company's life-cycle and ethics and compliance program.