Values, culture & leadership


Culture affects innovativeness, flexibility, integrity and success. The goal of every company is to create strong integrative organisational culture supported by strong integrative leadership. Leadership provides structure and guidelines, and this can be achieved by using multiple formal and informal systems of managing culture.

Codupo can help you build strong integrative organisational culture whose goal is the implementation of compliance and integrity programmes and has multiple roles in the process of creating innovative, flexible, profitable and sustainable culture that makes employees feel safe, dignified and accepted.

VIG Model™

VIG Model™ is an acronym consisting of three elements required for the construction and functioning of organizational integrative organizational culture: Values, Implementation and Governance. It serves as the basis for successful business operations of a company in modern, highly regulated business environment. This trademarked model represents a new approach to organizational culture through the help of managers and leaders in building long-term sustainable business. The model is a result of a long time theoretical and empirical research of organisational cultures, leadership, company's life-cycle and ethics and compliance program.

Vig Model™


Values make the business foundation. They define a mission, a vision and a way of making decisions. While the mission determines the reasons for a company's existence, “This is what we do”, the values explain the way we come to it - codifying the organizational behavior that makes the "Ten Commandments" for the company.


In order for values to be effectively communicated in the company, it is necessary to make sure that employees understand and follow the rules and codes of conduct, and to help them express themselves and use company values as a framework when making decisions, which is a part of integrative communication. The goal of complete integrative communication is the implementation of codes and procedures and encouraging management at all levels in their implementation (“walk to talk”).


The purpose of corporate governance is to encourage efficient, innovative and wise governance that leads to long-term success of the company, which includes developing culture, values and integration of the company based on respecting regulatory framework and integration. Management that embraces innovative solutions and is led by proactive identification of business key risks and their management in is vital for any company.

Integrative organizational culture

Integrative organizational culture provides:

  • Innovation
  • Congruence
  • Transparency
  • Productivity
  • Efficiency
  • Long-term Sustainability